1997 Foundation of Condea-Huntsman GmbH & Co. KG
1999 Extended MAN capacity going on stream, Name plate capacity: 56,000 mt
2001 Sasol Acquisition of Condea Chemie, 50% share of joint venture
2005 Investment into state of the art pastillizer, Name plate capacity: 10,000 mt
2006 Debottleneck successfully executed, Name plate capacity: 60,000 mt
2008 Announcement of Expansion, Name Plate capacity addition: 45,000 mt
2011 Startup 2nd Train, Name plate capacity: 105,000 mt
2013 Startup 2nd Pastillizer, Name plate capacity: 20,000 mt
2019 Huntsman completes the purchase of remaining 50 % in Sasol-Huntsman JV
2020 Huntsman merges MAN operations in Moers into Huntsman Products GmbH